Traditional selvedge denim is made with indigo dyed cotton, heavier in weight, and meant to be worn raw. Woven by authentic, traditional looms, the natural edge of any selvedge fabric has a clean finish and is much narrower in width than non-selvedge fabrics. This makes it more expensive to produce, but creates a much more detailed and refined woven denim.

We’re dedicated to preserving the rich history and authenticity of selvedge denim, while considering today’s fast-paced lifestyle: how can we create a true selvedge pant without compromising movement, style or comfort?

Introducing the Killer Stretch Selvedge.

By merging the traditional selvedge details with modern stretch functionality, you get a jean that can be worn as a staple basic. The Killer Stretch Selvedge moves with you wherever your day takes you, and will never bag out or lose its shape. A killer combination of form and function, this is what it means to be #MADEINFIDELITY.

Name: Brandon Gonzalez
From: Cerritos, California
Currently Wearing: Torino in 9 year aged + Torino in Blue Black
Location: Sunken City
Sponsored by: United Boardshop, Almost Skateboards, Globe Shoes
First mastered trick: Fs Feeble
Still want to master: Fs Crook
Wear Jeans with...: Red IDEA 5 panel hat, Globe Brand shoes, Spitfire t-shirt
Inspired by: My parents
Social: @brandongonzalezzzz
Name: Dillon Chapman
From: Detroit, Michigan
Currently Wearing: Torino in Lyric Blue
Location: Santa Monica, CA
“9-5”: Soccer coach, personal trainer, start up company business development
Off-Duty: Working out at the beach, swimming, playing soccer, pool at Hinano
Wear Jeans with...: Vans, boots, sneakers
Inspired by: My family, the outdoors, Northern Michigan
Social: @dillontchapman / chapmansoccer.com



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